Harness the Business of Where

We live in a digital, global economy, and businesses need to know where to source, operate, and market to grow their customer base. Through location analytics, a business can make better-informed decisions and ultimately add value to their organization, their customers, and society. The concepts and techniques provide insights to every component of business, including marketing, sales, operations, supply chains, and corporate social responsibility.

The new book, Spatial Business: Competing and Leading with Location Analytics, is intended to inform business professionals, as well as business students, about this new world of location intelligence. Through varied, in-depth, real-world examples, readers learn how location analytics solutions can be designed, deployed, and managed from strategic and operational perspectives.

A Comprehensive Approach

Spatial Business is a comprehensive treatment of spatial concepts, applications, and management, as well
as a road map for specific steps that can be taken to lead an effective and impactful spatial strategy.

Fundamentals of
spatial business

Location Value

Chapter 1

Spatial Architecture

Chapter 2

Location Analytics

Chapter 3

Achieving Business &
Societal Value

Markets and Customers

Chapter 4

Operating the Enterprise

Chapter 5

Risk and Resilience

Chapter 6

Corporate Social Responsibility

Chapter 7

Toward Spatial

Management & Leadership

Chapter 8

Spatial Strategies

Chapter 9

Implications for Practice

Chapter 10

Learn the Geography
of Business

The University of Redlands School of Business & Society offers a unique opportunity to develop location analytics and leadership skills through Graduate Certificate (online), Master of Business Administration (online/on-ground), or Master of Business Analytics (online/on-ground) programs. The Spatial Business book serves as a basis for these educational offerings, including inā€depth business case studies as well as exercises on the Esri GIS platform.

A Cutting-Edge Partnership with Esri®

The Spatial Business Initiative is a unique alliance between the University of Redlands School of Business & Society and Esri, the global leader in geographic information systems (GIS) and location intelligence. The initiative aims to maximize the understanding and effectiveness of these topics in business through education, publishing, research, and advising.