Creating Value
with Spatial

With today’s level of location digitization and growth, location intelligence has become foundational to business in its marketing, operations, services, risk management, deployment of assets, and many other functions. Through location analytics and location intelligence, a firm can leverage location information to make better-informed decisions and ultimately create value to the business as well as society.

Spatial Business Academic Programs

The University of Redlands School of Business & Society has been a leader in business education for over 40 years. The school offers the following degree and certificate programs in location analytics and spatial business, enhanced by its close connection to Esri®.

Spatial Business Articles

The Competitive Advantage of an Analytics Business Leader

May 16, 2022

Data captures everything from how customers make buying decisions and how the competition is doing to where inventory is in a supply chain and how satisfied workers are on the job. This data is a gold mine that can help improve decision-making across an enterprise.


A New Era for Business

November 22, 2021

Business education needs to adapt to prepare professionals and leaders to be effective in this new era unfolding in front of us. To do so requires a deep understanding of how businesses can and should play a positive role in making the world a better place.


The Power of Location Analytics in Business

September 16, 2021

As businesses continue to analyze and leverage big data, there is a growing realization that adding geographic location intelligence and information to the data can dramatically enhance their insights. This practice is known as location analytics, or geographic information systems (GIS), and it plays a significant role in making sound business decisions today.